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BJB stands for 'Binary JoB'. These are VSEn jobs that need to be uploaded/submitted as binary because they contain binary data. Uploading them as ASCII will destroy the blobs embedded in these jobs.

This file format is often used for PTFs and software distribution (both for CSI TCPIP and VSEn PTFs)

To upload them using IND$FILE, you need to specify LRECL=80. You also want to consider uploading them directly to the VSEn/POWER RDR queue since large BJBs might not fit inside your ICCF space. Sadly, most TN3270 clients have very rudimentary 'CICS' support for IND$FILE, making your life hard.

Here's an overview of what works/doesn't work:

Software Link Notes Works?
IBM PCOMM / HCL ZIE Product page You will have to add a specific definition of binary with the LRECL=80 option.

This works fine when you want to upload to the HTF, but it doesn't work well for uploading directly into the VSEn/POWER RDR queue.

Vista3270 Product page No support for CICS/VSEn at all. There are no menu options that can be used to define custom behaviour to support it anyways. NO
suite3270 Product page Has an option for 'CICS' IND$FILE uploads. However, no way to specify options, resulting in variable record length files. This breaks BJB uploads fully since you need LRECL=80 BARELY
Quick3270 Product page Works really well, and has menu options to submit directly to the RDR queue or to retrieve from the LST queue. Also supports SNA using MS SNA server. So far, the best option I've found for VSEn TN3270 clients. Price is also affordable for hobbyist use. YES